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How to Keep Warm for a Winter Wedding

Keeping Warm for a Winter WeddingWhile spring, summer and fall are still considered “wedding season” by most industry vendors, winter is certainly starting to make a comeback. With cheaper prices, enchanting landscapes, long weekends and romantic holidays, it’s no wonder why so many couples are opting to host their nuptials in the cold winter months. But while a snowy winter wedding is ideal for pictures, it can be a nightmare for anyone wearing a dress. So when love just isn’t enough, we have compiled some helpful tips for keeping you and your bridal party warm when the weather becomes frightful.

White LeggingsDress In Layers. You hated them as a kid, but thermal leggings are necessary if you are considering taking pictures outdoors. Winter months are known for having clear skies and amazing sunsets. You do not want to miss out on prime photographic opportunities because of a little chilly weather. Arm the legs of your bridal party with a pair of leggings that can be hidden under the gowns and quickly removed before the reception. We found a great pair of Capri Leggings at Nordstrom for $54.

Bridal UggsFavor Your Feet. While pumps and stilettos are certainly a favorite among brides, they could mean trouble if the weather is wet, icy or snowy. Consider accessorizing your gown with a pair of all-weather shoes or boots for any outdoor treks. Not only will you appreciate the warmth and comfort of these shoes, but often times, they still go unseen under long gowns. You can even consider giving them to bridal party members as gifts for the reception instead of the favored flip-flops or flats for dancing. We are in love with the UGG Australia Bridal Collection that has added a little bling to the famously comfortable winter boots.

Cover Up. While shawls, wraps and even sleeves can be used to help keep your bridal party warm, many brides prefer to incorporate cover-ups that embrace the cold weather without taking away the elegance and formality of the gowns.  Fur coats are a timeless accent for both the bride and bridesmaids and will certainly leave a lasting impression. Pashminas, made of super-soft cashmere, have become increasingly popular for winter weddings and can be used again for other special events throughout the season. While a bit more formal, floor length cloaks and capes add some extra warmth for your lower body and have the added bonus of being easy to get into and out of quickly.  When it comes to keeping warm, the best choice would be to purchase a long sleeved coat that is large enough to fit around your dress. Anything in fur (or faux), satin or velvet is a great option for a winter wedding.


wedding glovesWarm Your Hands. Of course you will want to show off your new ring after the ceremony, but on a cold winter day you should consider wearing gloves to keep your hands toasty. Opera gloves always make a formal impression for a winter wedding, while some brides prefer to keep their look more casual and choose to use knit gloves or mittens. Fur muffs always make a statement in pictures and look great when paired with pashminas.  Note: For extra warmth, purchase Heat Treat Hand Warmers for $3. They easily slide into any pocket or glove and keep your hands and fingers toasty for up to 7 hours. Perfect for outdoor photos or long, romantic carriage rides.

bride wearing gloves

Fingerless Gloves by BecauseItSparkles via Etsy


il_570xN.396704801_nnaxHats On. As a kid, your mom always suggested to wear a hat as it keeps the heat from escaping your body. While we do not condone messing up the gorgeous hairdo, we think that a cute winter hat or earmuffs should be considered. Not only is it unique in that you do not see many brides wearing headwear other than veils, having something that covers your ears will certainly keep you cozy. If this is still out of the question for you as the bride, maybe suggest it to the groom. The fur hat shown here can be purchased on Etsy for $47


No matter the style, consider your outerwear options well before your wedding day arrives. Weather is fickle and sometimes changes at the last moment. Be prepared for any forecast so you can fully enjoy the day without shivering in the cold.

Did we miss something? If you plan on doing something different for your wedding, we would love to hear about it!


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