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The Perfect Palette- Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing the right color pallet for your wedding isn’t as simple as just taking your favorite color and running with it. Some combinations might look great together, but may not necessarily work for your wedding once you solidify the venue space or date. The colors you choose should be an extension of you as a […]
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True to Tradition: Incorporating Your Heritage at Your Wedding

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this week, and that means green beer, Irish parades and corned beef + cabbage. A holiday like this always gets people in the mood to celebrate their heritage, and a wedding is the perfect opportunity for families to come together and share in each other’s traditions. Here are just […]
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Reception Seating 101

The food, the music, the flowers…these are what come to mind when couples are planning their reception. However, when it’s about one month out from the wedding day, brides are taking care of their final fitting and grooms are just trying to keep their brides calm, your reception venue hits you with the “we need […]
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Winter Skin Rejuvenation

This past week sure was a tease with it hitting 70 in the middle of February! While it’s back to being chilly again for a bit, we can see warmer Spring days in our near future. The Winter months can be harsh on anyone’s skin, and with wedding season kicking off, brides are beginning to […]
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President’s Day Savings

Unless you’ve got a bottomless bank account to dip into, couples are constantly looking for savings and deals while planning their wedding. Long weekend holidays, just like this upcoming President’s Day, is a great time for future newlyweds to dive into their search engine and try to find some savings. To make things a little […]
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Romantic Honeymoons

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is certainly in the air! There is no better time to look into a romantic honeymoon getaway for you and your sweetie to sit back, relax and enjoy. Whether you’re in the City of Love or along white sandy beaches, spending some quality one on one time […]
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Unique Centerpieces for the Unconventional Couple

Flowers are normally viewed as a necessity when it comes to weddings. When brides and grooms hit the “centerpiece” mark on their to-do list, they often feel that an appointment with a florist is their next step. For the couple that doesn’t find themselves connecting with the idea of large floral centerpieces, here is a […]
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2017 Wedding Trend Predictions

With the start of the new year, we have made a resolution to be more active with our blog, and we plan to stick to it! As a wedding planning company, we want to maintain a deep connection with our current customers as well as reach out to future brides and grooms to provide guidance […]
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Cheers to Five Years!

I know. It’s been forever since our last blog post. Truth be told, I hate writing them! The weekly posts offering wedding advice to our clients is very much a chore for me to sit down and write and it always gets brushed aside for time that I feel is better spent actually planning events. […]